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Zero D - Numinous Metanoia (LIVE @ Thank You Vancouver 7)
I am so very proud of the way this set turned out, really do think that its one of my best
sets ever. From start to finish it is jammed packed with crazy uplifting energy which had the
crowd yelling and cheering. I know that once you listen to this set you will understand how
much love I have for Trance music as I gave it my all. The energy in this set is unlike anything
that I have done before, so grab it and enjoy it!

Zero D - John O'Callaghan + Orjan Nilsen Warm-Up Set [Aug.31.2013]
I wanted to get this set out as soon as possible since the demand for it was unbelievable!
All my friends and fans that come to my shows and have supported me by fist pumping
my way through history, I love you =D! This set will take your heart and soul on a journey
in to a world of Zero Disbelief!

Giles Bjerke & Uzair Hassan - LIVE @ Thank You Vancouver 6 [Mar.23.2013]
I really love how this set played out, working with Giles Bjeke is always such an honor. When we put
our minds and hearts together we come up with a very driving and uplifting set. You are in for quite
the ride with this one so please enjoy the fruits of our collaboration!

Zero D - LIVE @ SFU Highland Pub (TyDi Warp Up Set) [Jan.16.2013]
I wasn't going to release this set but here it is anyways, a 30 min set I played when I opened for
the one and only Tyson 'tyDi' Illingworth =D!

Zero D - Eurhythmic Vesper (2012 Year Mix & John O'Callaghan Warm Up Set) [Dec.29.2012]
There comes a time when you know that your actions in one night will help people understand you.
This is that set, I put my heart in to making this set in to one of my master pieces. From start to finish
this set will take you from one emotion to another until it covers almost every spectrum. I wanted to
carefully convey how much I love this genre and what it makes me feel. So for one night only I became
a Eurhythmic Vesper, which means I offer to you harmonious movements of rhythmic musical
compositions as an evening prayer. Trance is my religion and I am forever in gratitude for all the blessings
it has bought me over these last 10 years of my professional DJin career. Thank you <3!

Zero D - Aetheric Kiss (LIVE @ Shambhala Music Festival - Labyrinth's Chill Zone) [Aug.08.2012]
Its finally here! The set that you have all been patiently waiting for!
♥~This is my christmas present to you my amazing friends and fans~ ♥
This set was created over the week I was on the road to Shambhala and also till the
very last hour before I was suppose to be on stage. I throughly did my homework on this
one so that I could create a very amazing chill set which I could play at the
Chill Zone of the Labyrinth at Shambhala Music Festival. I have put my heart in to this one,
and I know you will listen to this set over and over again.

Zero D - Surrendering to the Sound (LIVE @ Thank You Vancouver 4!) [Sep.01.2012]
The studio recording of the LIVE SET which I played for Vancouver Trance Family's
Thank You Vancouver 4! I was feeling very excited about playing this show because I wanted to
give off an aggressive and dangerous attitude while still being melodic and uplifting.
Hopefully you agree that I totally delivered on this set, so enjoy as its quite a ride!

Zero D - Electric Desires Control Me (Trance Mix 212 Guest Set) [Aug.15.2012]
This is a set which was a long time in planning, I wanted to make sure I had the feeling right
and mixed it exactly the way I wanted. After lots of trial and error I came up with this set and decided
to use it as a guest mix for Trance Mix 212 with DJ Summers =)! Hope you enjoy!~

Aly Abji & Uzair Hassan - Journey To Valhalla - LIVE @ RED ROOM (Orjan Nilsen Opening Sets) [May.19.2012]
Now there comes a time when you know you have to give it your all because if you do people
will remember it forever, this was that time! This set starts off with Aly Abji setting the mood with dark
melodic tunes then works in to me building it up with uplifting melodic tunes. The combination of Aly
and I truly does take you on a journey, a Journey To Valhalla!

Zero D - Vindictive Cognition - LIVE @ BLVD22 (Protoculture Opening Set) [February.04.2012]
A set that starts of very dark and moves in to uplifting, specifically made to reflect a conflicted
mind. This is the set that I played when opening for one of my favourite producers PROTOCULTURE!

Zero D - A Peace Of Me - LIVE @ BLVD22 (Jochen Miller Opening Set) [January.20.2012]
First time opening for a international DJ and this is the set I played. Hope you
all like it! Please share with all you can as this is a very special one for me <3!

Zero D - Lusting Latitude (Best Of 2011) [December.16.2011 - 320Kbps]
The best tracks of 2011, what more do I need to say?

DJ Giles & Zero D - A Story Of Two - LIVE @ RED ROOM (Thank You Vancouver 2) [December.03.2011]
This is a STUDIO RECORDING of a LIVE set played by Giles Bjerke and Uzair Hassan at the
Red Room Ultra Bar for Vancouver Trance Family and Twisted Productions 'Thank You Vancouver 2'.
Its the first set I've ever done with someone else standing next to me, so download and check out my
first DUO SET ever! Giles Bjerke and I had lots of fun on this one. Check him out at on his site.

Zero D - Dreams Of Solace - LIVE @ Gorg-O-Mish (Guest Set - DJ Aly) [November.26.2011 - 320Kbps]

This is a LIVE RECORDING of the set that I played at GORG-O-MISH AFTER HOURS.
Included is a guest set from DJ Aly, check him out on Soundcloud or his Facebook!

Zero D - Thank You Vancouver! - LIVE @ RED ROOM ULTRA BAR [October.22.2011 - 320Kbps]

A LIVE recording of a set I played at the Red Room Ultra Bar for
VTF's and Twisted Production's: Thank You Vancouver! A set from my birthday weekend C: !

Zero D - The Awakening - LIVE @ TUNNEL (Birthday Set) [October.21.2011 - 320Kbps]


Zero D - Shedding The Fear - (October Promo with Guest Set - DJ Giles) [October.19.2011 - 320Kbps]

This is my October promo set featuring some my favorite tunes from all of my previous sets!
I've put them together to create an exhilarating environment that will be sure to shed you of any fear!
Also there is a 30min guest set from DJ Giles (, a promising DJ with a
unique sound of his own, look forward to more sets from him :D!

Zero D - Relentless Conviction [December.17.2008 - 320Kbps]
Re-releasing one of my older sets from a couple of years ago, I was listening to my mp3 player
on shuffle mode and this set came on, after listening to it from start to finish, decided it was worth
the release. Its deep, dark and melodically uplifting so turn it the hell up!

Zero D - Wavering Light - Trancendance Guest Set [September 4th, 2011 - 320Kbps]
This is my guest set for the radio show called Trancendance that airs on CiTR 101.9FM every Sunday
here in Vancouver, Canada. Thanks to DJ Smiley for inviting me on to the show!
Its a high energy set that starts at 135BPM and goes to 140BPM.
I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I hope you enjoy it =D!

Zero D - Fukai Kizu - LIVE @ Gorg-O-Mish [August - 320Kbps]

Here is yet another set from my recidency at Gorg-O-Mish!
This is a studio recording of the set that I played at Gorg-O-Mish on August 19th, 2011.
Its called 'Fukai Kizu', from Japanese it translates to 'Deep Scar'.
Hope you like this set as my best friend Margy joins me in the studio to record the set.
The set is rather dark and makes you move from one emotion to another!
Feedback is ALWAYS welcome >;D!

Zero D - LIVE @ Vancouver Trance Family's UPLIFTED! [June 30th, 2011 - 320Kbps]
Been holding on to this one for a while now and since UPLIFTED 3 is tomorrow, here is my
LIVE recording from the previous one =D!

Zero D - Blue Hope - LIVE @ Gorg-O-Mish [July - 320Kbps]
Download it =D! Download it =D! Download it =D! Download it =D!
Its yuumy! Its delicious trance music. 2.5 hour set!!

Zero D - White Love [September 9th, 2007 - 320Kbps]
Due to popular request from my oldest of old fans, I am re-releasing my VERY FIRST online radio set =)!
This one came straight from my heart, hopefully it will melt yours just as it has for all others that have listened to it.

Zero D - LIVE @ Mat Zo [June 17th, 2011 - 320Kbps]
This is a studio recording of my live set from Mat Zo with special guest Aly Abji! Its a fun one for sure!

Zero D - LIVE @ Vancouver Trance Family's UPLIFTED! [June 2nd, 2011 - 320Kbps]
This was one awesome live recording! Take a listen and melt away~

Zero D - LIVE @ Gorg-O-Mish on [May - 320 Kbps]
Yup yup, this set is finally up! I know you all have been waiting for this one! Share it if you like it!!

Zero D - LIVE @ Sunday Sunset Session #5 [May 1st, 2011 - 320 Kbps]
Hehe special surprise for all of you in this set!

Zero D - LIVE @ Gorg-O-Mish [April - 320Kbps]
Now this I'm extremely proud of =D! Its an amazing 2 hours of the best in trance and progressive!
So download and listen to your hearts content!

Zero D - LIVE @ Gorg-O-Mish [March - 320Kbps]



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