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Uzair Syed Hassan | Zero Disbelief

Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a central hub where many cultures collide, this is where his infatuation with music began. At an early age he started collecting and cataloguing music of his tastes and was known to always be fused with his headphones, listening to something new, something different. His life changed when he discovered electronic dance music, especially the genre of Progressive Trance, in this sound he heard something calling.

With his unique mixing skills his sets inspire and make his listeners melt away. He calls his style of mixing “palpable atmospheric intuitive style, which puts tracks together in a way where people get uplifted by the feeling of constant rise of emotion and began to crave for more.”

He is a leader in the Vancouver club / rave scene, and has opened for some of the world’s top performers such as Cosmic Gate, DJ Dean, Andy Whitby, Dark By Design, Kidd Kaos, Kamui, Mat Zo, Jochen Miller, Protoculture, Orjan Nilsen, John O’ Callaghan, Nadia Ali, Christina Novelli, Markus Schulz and many more to come! Truly Uzair Hassan is a celebrated professional who is sought after because he always leaves the crowd wanting more.

As resident at “Twisted Productions”, one of Vancouver’s best promoters for the EDM scene, he has time and time again blown away audiences and captured and captivated them with his sounds. What he is most proud of is The Vancouver Trance Family, a group over 5000 members strong, it is the largest and most well organized community which loves everything EDM. He is one of the leaders of this group and has been organizing and spinning their events for the past few years; all the while working towards helping this community grow to its maximum potential. His future seems brighter than ever because he has so many amazing people supporting him. Listen to one of his sets and you’ll become one too!



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