Live Performance Recording.
Uzair Hassan (Zero Disbelief) – LIVE @ In Search of Spectrum

Uzair Hassan (Zero Disbelief) - LIVE @ In Search of Spectrum


1. Paper Kites (Original Mix) by Alex Leavon And Cynthia Hall
2. This Time (Original Mix) by Raz Nitan & Kate Louise Smith
3. Prodigy (Mino Safy Remix) by Derin
4. The Other Side (Extended Mix) by Jeremy Vancaulart
5. This world is So Amazing (Maglev Remix) by York & Rank 1 Ft. Lola
6. Where I Begin (Evoland Remix) by Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath
7. Signals (Extended Mix) by Somna & Adara
8. Let This Go (Parity Remix) by Liuck & Neev Kennedy
9. Light In the Darkness (Original Mix) by Straight Up & Lokka Vox
10. Skysearch (Aimoon Dub Mix) by Feel & Jan Johnston
11. Nothing Here But Goodbye (Ron Alperin Remix) by Radion6 & Neev Kennedy
12. Mantra (Original Mix) by Ruslan Radriges & Julia Violine
13. Spirits (Original Mix) by Mehdi Belkadi & Division
14. Right Path (Dub) by Denis Kenzo & Jilliana Danise
15. Look Back (LTN Remix) by Andy Moor & Somna
16. Black Eagle (Original Mix) by Frainbreeze


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Uzair Hassan LIVE at MIA on Feb 17th, 2017


Possibly my best set yet